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Welcome to the 2016, $100K Combating Terrorism Technology Challenge!  


By entering the Challenge, you …

  • Can win the $100,000 first prize,  $10,000 second prize, or a number of valuable other benefits.

  • (Prizes are “no strings attached” – you give up no equity or IP rights, and your entry will be kept confidential)

  • Expose your team to a very wide variety of international sponsors, customers, and partners.

  • Help develop the ecosystem that will enable breakthrough innovation in combating terrorism technology.


The challenge is open to any startup, entrepreneur, inventor, or university research group developing innovative technologies that could be useful for combating terrorism or improving homeland security


  • The technology must have proof-of-concept (for example, laboratory prototype)

  • Unlike last year, cyber technologies are welcome to enter the 2016 Challenge.

  • Startups must have less than $5M in investment or cumulative revenue


If your company or group meets these criteria, we want to hear from you!


Each entry will be evaluated by an international panel of distinguished judges.  The most qualified entries will participate in the finals at the Combating Terrorism Technology Conference on June 7, 2016 in Tel Aviv, where the winners will be awarded the $100,000 first prize and $10,000 second prize by the US Defense Department, CTTSO

(Other finalists will receive mentoring by leading VC’s and Government sponsors, and exposure to relevant Government programs.  All entrants will receive judges’ feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their pitch).

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS 23:59 Israel time on MARCH 14, 2016.  To enter, click here


  • (Note: the CTTSC is for technologies that are not mobile apps.  If your technology is a mobile app,

        click here for our mobile challenge.)






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