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Welome to the 2016 $100K Advanced Analytics Applications Challenge (AAAC) !



What is the purpose of the AAAC ?

(a)  To identify existing apps that can help in combating terrorism, and

(b)  encourage developers to innovate new apps that address critical counter-terrorism needs.


Why should you enter ?

·$100,000 cash prize will be shared by the most promising apps.

·Other apps will receive VC Mentorship and introductions to Government and Industry leaders.


Who should enter ?

1) Any startup, entrepreneur, developer, or university research group developing innovative apps that could be useful for combating terrorism, and/or 
2) anyone who has developed or is developing a mobile app that addresses one or more of the following "use cases" (click  for  details):


1. The app must be developed to at least Proof of concept.

2. Any company that enters must be early-stage (i.e., less than $5M in cumulative revenues or investment)
3. The company/group must own (or have exclusive license to) the core IP that the app is based on.
4. The App must be have the following compatibility:

a. Able to run on the following devices at a minimum (these devices will be used to evaluate the Apps):

i. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
ii. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
iii. Samsung Galaxy S4

b. App must at a minimum be compatible with Android operating system 4.4 or higher and unrooted

c. If selected for Phase 2, you will be asked to provide your App for evaluation in an Android Application Package (APK) file format or for web-based Apps, a link to a live website formatted for mobile viewing that is on a public facing server and does not require a VPN connection.

If your company or group meets these criteria, we strongly encourage you to enter!


So again, we have a specific need for apps that address the use-cases described here.   But thats not all - we also want to know about any other mobile application that  could in some way significantly contribute to combating terrorism, public safety, and homeland security.  In other words.... get creative !


How will this work ?

Submit a description of your app by March 4.  Two weeks later we will let you know if the judges want an evaluation copy.  If they do, you will have two months to hack and submit it.  The judges will then select a small number to be showcased at the Combating Terrorism Technology Conference on June 7, 2016 in Tel Aviv,  and compete to share the $100,000 mobile-apps prize contributed by the US Defense Department, CTTSO


(Other finalists will receive mentoring by leading VC’s and Government sponsors, and exposure to relevant Government programs.  All entrants will receive judges’ feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their applications)


DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS 23:59 Israel time on March 14, 2016 (note new deadline).  To enter, click here


(Note: the AAAC is only for mobile apps.  If your technology is not a mobile app, click here for our CTTSC challenge.)

Any questions, please email us at CTTSC@mit-forum.org.il with subject: “AAAC question”.






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