Combating Terrorism TechnologyWhat are the Entrepreneurial Opportunities?


Tel Aviv University, Porter Building main auditorium

January 21, 2015; 09:00 – 17:00









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Please join us for the 2015 Combating Terrorism Technology $100K Startup Challenge and Conference.



Terrorism is a constantly evolving worldwide threat.  As terrorists become more sophisticated, so too must the tools for detecting, preventing, and defeating them.  This is creating major opportunities for technology companies. 


The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel & the US Department of Defense are pleased to present the 2015 Combating Terrorism Technology $100K Startup Challenge and Conference.


This event will help startups, from any technology domain, identify opportunities to apply their skills and technologies to the effort to combat terrorism, and understand how to do so profitably and successfully.


The event has two components:


  • The $100K Startup Challenge: Forty three technology startups entered the first round of the challenge.  Of these, eight have reached the finals.  The 8 finalists will present live in “Shark Tank” format at the conference.  A panel of International judges will select the winning startup which will receive a $100,000 check courtesy of the US Defense Department.  The prize will be presented by a special VIP guest of honor.


  • The conference: Leading experts from Israel and abroad will discuss terrorism trends, the critical role that Israeli technology companies can play in addressing these trends, and the “how to's” of what it takes to succeed in this area. 


Startup Finalists:

Forty three startups entered the contest.  Eight were chosen as finalists based on their breakthrough technologies.  They will compete live for the $100K prize:



InnerEye:  InnerEye is developing a unique platform that combines human visual perception, innovative classification of brainwaves, and computer vision algorithms.  InnerEye provides a solution for fast, accurate, real time target detection in visual data with applications in the defense, homeland security and civilian markets.


InSoundz:   InSoundz is a technology startup that provides actionable audio intelligence to the security market.  InSoundz’ solution captures and isolates any sound of interest in extremely noisy environments.  It serves as powerful ears for advanced surveillance systems, providing for better intelligence and security.


MicroSpark:  MicroSpark's innovative Explosive Trace Detection  technology can detect any minimal amount (nanograms) of energetic material in under a second, regardless of its chemical makeup, and regardless of whether the substance is a recognized or new compound. The technology can be applied as a low-cost stationary or portable unit.


Musketeer: Musketeer is a social safety network that provides its members a powerful mobile app to help each other anywhere, anytime. Musketeer also connects emergency services in real-time with the community, closing the information and communication gap so crucial in fighting terrorism.


Quartet Technology:  Quartet’s unique technology solves the high cost acquisition and long time production of Geo-Spatial data, by automatically and quickly creating accurate 3D layered maps from standard camera images.  These maps are a core requirement for advanced analytics capabilities, allowing better tactical and operational decisions for defense planning, and combating terrorism.


Stabilitas: Stabilitas will be THE global platform for real-time visualization of open- and crowd-sourced security information. We initially serve employees and students working abroad, who prioritize safe travels. Stabilitas secures these travelers with granular intelligence, and a lifeline to help, through their smartphones.


ThirdEye:  ThirdEye develops a specialized unique mobile system for automatically and reliably detecting human presence. The CombatScanner is a man-portable tactical sensor that enhances operator security and situational awareness by automatically detecting humans in all conditions and environments. The technology is algorithm based and patent-pending.


VBact:  VBact develops novel real-time solutions for bacteria detection in water and other environments.  The company’s “Microbial Water Scanner” provides scalable real-time, on-line, 24/7 monitoring of water systems based on innovative sample collection techniques, direct imaging technology and image processing.


Speakers and Judges:

An international panel of experts and decision makers in the field of combating terrorism will participate as speakers and judges, including:


Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Minister of Intelligence, Minister of International Relations, and Minister of Strategic Affairs


Mr. Yaakov Peri, Member of Knesset, former Head of the Israel Security Agency and former Minister of Science, Technology, and Space


Foreign Participants:

Dr. Alex Bordetsky, US Naval Postgraduate School

Peter Dees, US State Department, Bureau of Counterterrorism

Dr. Patricia  Gruber, US Navy Office of Naval Research

Dr. Mike Harper, US Office of Naval Research Global

Dr. Ed Morton, Rapiscan Inc.

Adam Tarsi, US Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office

Louis Wasserzug, US Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office

Shana Yakobi, US Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office

Israeli Participants:

Ron Ben Yishai, Yediot Ahranot

Prof. (Gen, Res) Yitzhak Ben Yisrael, Tel Aviv University

Yossi Cohen, Elbit

Prof. Boaz Ganor, IDC

Gil Lemel, LV Ventures

Ayla Matalon, Executive Director MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel

Gideon Miller, Inmill Israel Ltd. (Conference Chairman)

Dr. Eyal Propper, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Amir Rapaport, Israel Defense

Brig. Gen.  Amnon Sofrin, Elta

Dr. David Stavitsky, Elbit

Brig. Gen. Shmuel Zakay, ​ Managing Director, Ben Gurion Airport.

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Walk-ins will pay rate NIS 150 (Entrepreneurs) / NIS 200 (others)





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