(NOTE entry deadline extended, now November 23)

To enter the $100K Combating Terrorism Startup Challenge, take the following five steps:


  1. Send us now an email with subject "intent to enter" to CTTSC@mit-forum.org.il .  This will enable us to notify you if there are any updates to the program, and we will also send you a reminder to submit your entry a couple of days before the entry deadline.

  2. Download the Microsoft Word document HERE.  Fill in the requested information and answer the questions about your product, technology and business plan. 

  3. Prepare at least one graphic, flow-chart or photo that will help the judges understand your solution and technology.

  4. Record a 3 minute video in which one or more of your team describe your  solution/technology and what is unique about it.

 5. Send the document, graphic and video as attachments in an email to: CTTSC@mit-forum.org.il 
     The attachments MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN midnight Eastern Standard time
     on NOVEMBER 23, 2014. (note, do not include confidential information)


How to win… 


The entries will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of International judges.  The best entries will be invited to present their company/group live at the Combating Terrorism Technology Conference in Tel Aviv on January 21, 2015.  One of the presenters will be selected for the $100K first prize.

Judges will be looking for entries that focus on critical gaps in combating terrorism  and that offer innovative and practical technologies for filling those gaps. 

The judges will use the following criteria:

•        Technical feasibility and operational viability

•        Functionality, importance, and beneficial impact on security

•        Strength and robustness of business case, financial viability, likely profit, and return on investment,              after accounting for risk

•        Political, legal, ethical compliance, and sensitivity

•        Market and industry demand

•        Strategy and sustainability of competitive advantage

•        Quality of the plan to transition the technology into the commercial market and/or the military                      services and other government agencies.

•        Credibility, experience, and skill set of management team

•        Quality and clarity of the written entry, video talk, and final presentation.


For any questions, please email: CCTSC@ mit-forum.org.il 


Good luck!








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