Speakers, presenters, and judges at the 2nd Annual Combating Terrorism Innovation Day include:



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Speaking and Judging Panel


  • MK Gilad Erdan, Minister of Internal Security and Intelligence

  • Adam Tarsi, Chief of Staff, CTTSO, US Dept. of Defense

  • Gen. (Res.) Itzhak Ben Israel, Tel Aviv University, Chairman, National Council for Research and Development

  • Gideon Ben Zvi, founder BriefCam

  • Saar Dickman, founder TowerSec

  • Prof. Boaz Ganor, Dean of the Lauder School of Government and International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, IDC

  • Gal Goren, founder Robo Team

  • Joseph Lehmann, CEO Purammon

  • Ed Mlavsky. Founding Partner Gemini Venture Partners

  • Ron Moritz, Partner Inmill, Venture Partner OurCrowd

  • Dov Oster, Chief Scientist of MAFAAT, Israel Ministry of Defense

  • Allison Scarborough, Advanced Analytics Group, CTTSO, US Department of Defense

  • Michael Shmilov, Founder Viber

  • Alon Stoppel, Corporate Chief Scientist, Elbit Systems

  • Lou Wasserzug, Senior Science Advisor, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, US Department of Defense

  • Shana Yakobi, Israel LNO, CTTSO, US Department of Defense

  • Guest VIP award presenter (name withheld for security)


$200K Startup contestants

Technology challenge (finalists)

  • 360in1 has developed a high-end spherical vision system that is based on unique technology to create 360º vision in real-time. The system provides life-like visual and/or thermal imaging for highest demands in one highly adaptable and cost-efficient system for many applications.       www.360in1.com

  • Duke Robotic Systems has created a robot that stabilizes a sniper rifle and absorbs its recoil when mounted on a hovering drone. Duke’s technology is unique and complex; It is a scalable, 6 degrees of freedom, lightweight robot that stabilizes 3X its weight in real time.      www.dukeroboticsys.com/

  • Fringefy develops image matching systems for the urban environment. Our research is focused on identifying the location of incriminating media published on social networks by using vision techniques. The technology can match images and videos from various sources against large proprietary or public imagery databases.     www.fringefy.com

  • Imagry has developed a breakthrough video-understanding technology that categorizes any number of objects in a video stream accurately, in real-time, and wiithout massive computing resources     www.imagry.co

  • Lirhot Systems  has developed the first practical selective polarization camera that enables a wide variety of counter-terrorism applications, from detecting IED's based on unique polarization signatures to determining precise geographic coordinates based on polarization of sky images    www.lirhot.com

  • Neteera Technologies Neteera has demonstrated a revolutionary Terahertz sensor, with unprecedented resolution, size, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Our sensor enables a myriad of critical remote sensing applications: Hand-held body scanner, through-the-clothes explosives detection, night/fog/smoke surveillance, and a breakthrough in covert monitoring of psychophysiological state.    www.neteera.com

  • RegulusX is developing a full stack security solution for drones that is both easy to use and install, providing an industry standard level of security against hackers targeting any of the drone’s systems, including its communication channels, GPS and navigation systems and on-board computers.     www.regulusx.com

  • SafeBreach is pioneering the emerging category of continuous security validation. The company’s platform provides a “hacker's view” of an organization’s security posture for total security assessment. SafeBreach executes breach methods with an extensive Hacker’s Playbook™ of real-world investigative data.    www.safebreach.com

  • SmarTPlnaZ provides Artificial Intelligence based planning and decision making solutions, enabling faster and improved planning, which increase mission success rates, allow optimized utilization of resources, save time & money and most important, lives.

  • Votiro offers unique solutions that protect networks and IT infrastructures from external cyber-attacks rooted in known, undisclosed, and zero-day exploits. Votiro solutions seamlessly integrate two main forms of defense: commercial antivirus products, to combat known threats, and proprietary algorithms, to neutralize undisclosed and zero-day exploits.    www.votiro.com

Mobile Apps (Round 2 contestants)

  • AYcom

  • Cinema2Go

  • Crime Reporter 

  • CrowdHunt

  • Cybermoon (Troysec)

  • Eazy Solutions

  • GlobeKeeper

  • Hi-Park

  • Lynx TFG

  • NavIn

  • RedAlert

  • Reporty Homeland Security

  • SayVU

  • Spectory

  • Tukuoro

  • VictimZero






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