Heidi Brun

An MIT graduate with multiple degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Heidi has been a patent attorney in Israel and a US patent agent for 30 years. Heidi is an expert at working with inventors, male and female alike. Their visions are often complex, full of jargon, and poorly explained. Heidi and her team of patent writers and draftsmen turn these sketches into elegant and defensible patent applications. 

Heidi runs Heidi Brun Associates, a female-led boutique patent firm specializing in generating high quality patents. In addition, Heidi writes The Patent Pen, a blog about the patent process, and has given numerous lectures about Intellectual Property in general and about patents in particular. She has also given lectures about famous inventors, such as Hedy Lamarr and has blogged about them. 

Heidi is married to David Goldfarb, a fellow MIT alumnus, and has two daughters, both interested in the technology world.


How Heidi Helps Entrepreneurs


Heidi heads her own award-winning boutique patent firm, Heidi Brun Associates (HBA), specializing in the preparation and prosecution of high-quality patents.


The main fields of HBA are the hi-tech (including software, hardware, electronics, semiconductors and communications), mathematics and mechanical fields, although it has also successfully obtained patents for clients in other disciplines. 


What sets HBA apart from the others is the individual attention throughout the journey from the initial idea to the issued patent. This makes its services ideal for entrepreneurs who may have business acumen and a fine idea or prototype but who may not have prior knowledge of how the patent world works.  The company’s aim is to make the process as streamlined as possible, ironing out any difficulties, whether technical or procedural.


When it comes to drafting, Heidi and her team know how to explain the client’s idea, sometimes better than they do. Based on the client’s information drawn from several discussions, drawings and drafts are made, showing the inventiveness of the product. This is the basis of the patent application and of the claims. These discussions are valuable since apart from being the basis of the full application, they often help organize inventor’s thoughts. After filing the application, HBA tackles the examination process and once the patent is allowed, handles all aspects of issue and the annual renewal procedures.


For clients already owning patents, HBA offers portfolio management. They analyze issues that affect the entire portfolio, rather than on a case-by-case basis, whilst ensuring that renewal and other deadlines are met. They also excel at technical and administrative problem-solving so that your portfolio runs smoothly.  This includes helping client's budget by providing an analysis of past, present and future (expected) projects.


In short, HBA is there for the entrepreneur from start to finish.








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