If you have questions that are not answered here, please email them to cttsc@mit-forum.org.il .  We will both answer them by reply email and post the answers here for the benefit of all the contestants.





1.  The entry deadline has been extended.  The new deadline for applications is midnight Eastern Standard Time on November 23, 2014.


2.  Please note a change in the instructions regarding Question V (Summary of Business Plan).  Previously we had said that only startups need to answer this question and that university research groups do not.  However, at the request of the judges we are changing this so now all entrants (including university research groups) should answer question V as best as they can.    The judges will take into consideration that university researchers are likely to have much less developed business plans than startups.  But, they do want to make sure that you have a basic understanding of how the market for your technology works, and that you have a plan in mind for how the technology can be commercialized.  This is because the intent of this program is to identify technologies that have high probability of transitioning from the lab to usable commercial products.


3.  Please pay attention to the instruction to include only non-confidential information.  We cannot accept any documents that are marked "Company Confidential" or similar and will have to reject applications that include such markings.





1.  Question:  The form specifies maximum of 250 words for the business plan summary.  That is too short.  Can we exceed the maximum ?

Answer:  You can take up to 500 words if necessary for the business plan section.  However, please note that this should be high-level summary only and you do not need to include details.


2.  Question:  Our video has come out at over 10 MB and if we try to compress it, the resolution becomes poor.  Can we instead put it onyoutube and include a link ?

Answer: Yes.  (you may wish to ensure that your uploaded video is set to private rather than public viewing).


3.  Question:  it is difficult for us to write in English.  Can we write the application in Hebrew.

Answer: No.  All materials must be in English since the judging panel is international.  You will not however be penalized for mistakes in English, and if the judges cannot understand something they may follow up by phone or email with you for clarification.


4.  Question: Can we submit company-confidential information ?

Answer: No.  We can only accept non-confidential information in this contest


5.  Question: We have developed a relevant technology but we are a university group and do not have a business plan.  Can we still enter ?

Answer: Yes.  You should answer the business plan question anyway as best as you can.  While the judges will take into consideration that you have not developed a formal business plan, it is important that you can explain why the technology is likely to be commercialized and will not just sit on the shelf.   To do this, you should show that you have a clear idea as to what kind of users will buy the technology, what kinds of companies will sell it, roughly how much it will cost, and why it will be preferred by users versus existing solutions.


6.  Question:  What size companies can enter the contest ?

Answer:  The contest is for startups.  This means anything from pre-seed/pre-revenue companies, up to companies with a $10M in sales per year, or $10M in total investment (including government research funds).


For any questions, please email: CCTSC@ mit-forum.org.il 


Good luck!






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