​These extraordinary events have earned the Forum the reputation as one of the premier high-tech venues in Israel.

Respected top-tier VC’s such as Carmel Ventures, Greylock Partners, Genesis, Walden, Concord Ventures, Decima and Giza, weighed-in on the issues as have leading law firms and other service providers to the high-tech/entrepreneurial community.

The MIT Forum programs are open to anyone (MIT-affiliated or not) seeking to learn about entrepreneurship, business issues, emerging industries and the latest technologies. Entrepreneurs, business owners, private investors, venture capitalists, service providers or just curious individuals – all will find MIT events educational and motivating.

Our events cover a variety of topics in different domains ranging from early-stage to later-stage issues, such as fund raising, business development, growth engines, IP (patents and trademarks), start-up early challenges, negotiating with giants, making it in the US, going public, the team, creating a viable business plan, PR (maximizing media attention) and more.

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The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel organizes monthly conferences, courses and workshops. Our events offer an excellent opportunity for networking and catching up on the latest technologies, emerging industries and business issues.

Since 1994 the Forum has hosted over 120 successful events featuring a long list of distinguished, influential speakers and panelists, ready to share from their wisdom and experience with our live audiences. Past key participants included:

    Dr. Jack Goldman (Xerox PARC)
    Martin Gerstel (ALZA)
    Efi Arazi (Scitex, EFI, iMedia)
    Benny Landa (Indigo)
    Dr. Dan Maydan (Applied Materials)
    Dr. Eli Harari (SanDisk)
    Zohar Zisapel (RAD)
    Dov Moran (M-systems, Modu)
    Dr. Yossi Vardi (ICQ)
    Dr. Felix Zandman (Vishay)
    Dr. Shimon Eckhouse (Syneron, ESC Medical)
    Micha Astrachan (Merrill Lynch)
    Prof. Lester Thurow (MIT-Sloan)
    Prof. Ed Roberts (MIT-Sloan)
    Shai Agasi (SAP)
    Stef Wertheimer (Iscar)






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