Amir Milo, Equivio (acquired by Microsoft for $200M, according to the media)

"I participate in MIT Forum events at least once or twice every quarter.
They cover a wide range of topics, many of them relevant to the issues confronting my start-up company. All speakers have “hands-on” experience, and I often find myself returning to the office with an idea for immediate implementation.
The MIT Forum is also one of the best opportunities in Israel to meet with other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas, contacts and the latest gossip. I always recommend it to people who are thinking about launching a start-up."

Amit Dror, Nano Dimension (NNDM)
"About a year ago a friend suggested that I join him in a workshop for start-up entrepreneurs at MIT Forum in Tel Aviv. I had no knowledge of MIT Forum activities at the time. The workshop which was guided by several experienced entrepreneurs was superb. It opened my mind to new ideas and allowed me to receive information that otherwise would have been learned in the painful way of taking wrong decisions (while wasting crucial time and money). Since that first workshop I’ve attended several MIT Forum events. Other than the valuable information I received, there was something else – The good vibe. Being a young entrepreneur, I experience plenty of ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ along the way (This is probably one of the reasons why I’m in the ‘entrepreneurship game’, but it is not always easy). When coming to an MIT Forum event, meeting many other entrepreneurs and seeing that I’m not alone, I immediately feel better. Getting a good word from people that really understand me and the obstacles I encounter gives me the strength to move on and not to give up. There is something special in the atmosphere when young and experienced initiative people get together and share their knowledge and hopes. It is a good energy build up that gives everyone a good vibe. At first I was surprised how come so many experienced entrepreneurs (who lecture in MIT Forum workshops) are willing to give from their experience and invest their precious time in assisting young entrepreneurs. However, the more I attended MIT Forum events I realized that those experienced entrepreneurs are doing it for both the joy of giving and for getting the good vibe. I think it is great that MIT Forum was able to establish this environment for entrepreneurs. Well done guys. I hope that one day I’ll be able to give back to new entrepreneurs through the MIT Forum.

Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work."

Yishai Porat, Primesense
"I was first acquainted with MIT Forum as a physics and Engineering undergraduate at Tel Aviv University. The basic entrepreneurial drive was probably already there but attending the events of the MIT forum boosted my enthusiasm to go out and do something.

With great speakers sharing their wisdom in a open and informal style, you learn the ins and outs of the start up world, from jargon to strategic business planning, IP to raising cash, you name it, there will probably be a lecture on the issue in one of the upcoming events. The fact that even in such a savvy and competitive business this kind of knowledge is being shared creates a sense of productive purpose in a pleasant and supportive atmosphere.
I would highly recommend any entrepreneur or investor attending an MIT Forum event."

Richard Wilson, Director, Global Security Challenge
"I wanted to write to you to say how very pleased we were at the level of enthusiasm, professionalism, expertise and organisation of the team led by member of the MIT Forum board Davidy Givon at the recent European regional final of the Global Security Challenge. It was very nice to meet with you and visit your country.

The event itself went very smoothly from start to finish and was by a long way the best regional final we have attended this year. Attendance levels were excellent and Davidy had amassed some very good additional speakers. I know that TSWG from the US Department of Defense were impressed too.

I hope it will be possible to hold a 2011 GSC Regional with the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel as it was a pleasure working alongside your team. The MIT Forum team in particular deserves full praise for the excellent way you organised the event – despite there being very little time to do so."






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