Brainnu is a creative & strategy digital house, based in Tel-aviv. IL.


As an all-women creative house, supporting and promoting women in various ways is part of Brainnu's DNA, as well as channelling and utilizing the great power of marketing to create positive impact and make a real difference in people's lives for the better.


Relationships between people and brands have changed tremendously over the years, much like human relationships. In order to achieve a perfect harmony between the two, Brainnu believes it is necessary to adapt to the modern patterns of human relationships.


Having successfully built and guided dozens of brands in all phases, Brainnu's work is based on true and profound understanding of consumer's behavior. 

Using their rich experience and knowledge in digital processes and smart funnels, they fine-tune the brand’s story, build a solid digital strategy and generate unorthodox creative solutions, to create outstanding brands that are easy to fall in love with and put them on a clear path to fast growth. 


Led by a team of talented, visionary and daring women, Brainnu works and cooperates with some of the top local & international brands; a variety of tech companies, start ups and global corps and brands of all sizes and areas.


As expected of a company with their unique approach, Brainnu's projects, which are cherry picked and include some highly unusual initiatives.







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